Empower the future of manufacturing by sponsoring a Learning Lab at the SC Manufacturing Conference and Expo. Choose from one of the four lab options below and allow your contribution to shape the industry’s evolution in South Carolina and the Southeast.


Explore the latest trends in automation and how they’re revolutionizing the manufacturing industry in South Carolina and the broader Southeast region. Learn how to leverage automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness.


Join us to discuss the importance of sustainability in manufacturing, with a special focus on South Carolina’s initiatives. Learn how adopting sustainable practices can enhance your business’s reputation and bottom line.

Digital Transformation

Discover how digital transformation is reshaping the manufacturing landscape in the Southeast. Gain insights into the strategies and technologies that can help your business stay ahead in the digital age.

Supply Chain

Dive into the complexities of the supply chain within the Southeast’s manufacturing sector. Understand the challenges and opportunities, and learn strategies to optimize your supply chain for maximum efficiency and resilience.

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