Workshops Presented by:

Incentive Negotiation Strategies: Maximizing Value of Investments

Workshop: Wednesday, April 20th, 8:30 — 9:20 a.m.
Instructor: Kenan Gay, Director, Development Advisors, Charlotte, NC
Summary: Learn how to properly package and present a project for negotiation, determine incentive eligibility and value, differentiate between statutory vs. negotiated incentive and manage compliance requirements.

Cyber Security Update

Workshop: Wednesday, April 20th, 9:30 — 10:20 a.m.
Instructor: Douglas Jambor, IT Advisory Mgr., Cyber Security Subject Matter Leader, Dixon Hughes Goodman
Summary: Being prepared for a cyber security incident can lower the risk posed to an organization and greatly affect its impact. You’ll learn about the current cyber security threat landscape, how a threat could impact your organization and also learn strategies for dealing with those threats.

Tax Credits and Deductions for Manufacturers -- Opportunities to Consider

Workshop: Wednesday, April 20th, 10:30 — 11:20 a.m.
Instructors: Dixon Huges Goodman Experts: Adam Quattlebaum, R& D Tax Credit Practice Leader, Charles Edge, International Tax Partner, Robert Bradham, Tax Partner
Learning Objective: Identify activities that qualify for the R&D Tax Credit, a general business tax credit for companies that incur R&D expenses in the US.
Learning Objective: Determine if you qualify to be an Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Company (IC-DISC), an organization whose products are sold off-shore. If so, you could earn significant, permanent tax savings.
Learning Objective: Learn about tax saving opportunities related to capital investment, including renewable energy credits.

Healthcare Costs: A Strategy for Controlling Cost and Improving Quality: The Role of the Employer

Workshop: Thursday, April 21st, 8:30 — 9:20 a.m.
Instructor: Orlo “Spike” Dietrich, Managing Director, Ansley Capital
Summary: This session will focus on the work done by the South Carolina Business Coalition on Health and the facilitation of an employer-provider collaboration that is creating a sustainable change in health care delivery in the state.